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A New Guy on the Ranch

December 9, 2011

My husband has been surrounded by only females out here in the country, a wife, our dog Zephyr, and our two mares. Not any more. Now he has a buddy and if you know Tim at all, you know that he is a dog person down to the cellular level. Week one, Tim slept downstairs on the dog bed with the baby. By the end of week two, he migrated up to our room, but not without Chief. The dog box is right next to his side of our bed, so no minute must pass without a direct line of communication.  Chief helps him bring in firewood, the little pup already knows how to sit still while Tim builds the morning fire. The other day, I noticed Tim teaching Chief how to box out in the yard. Yesterday, the boys went up into the hills for their first 4-wheeler ride. When I asked Tim what he wanted for Christmas, he said he already got what he wanted. I didn’t have to ask for him to clarify.

I love seeing Tim this happy and I have many things to occupy my time. I’ve moved some of the garden inside, so even though the temperature rarely gets above freezing, we still have ample lettuce and fresh sprouts. Yesterday, I made some fire starters out of egg cartons, dryer lint or sawdust, and old candles. Today, I taught Two Feathers to ground drive. After a few minutes of confusion, she picked it right up and soon I was striding behind her, a long rein in each hand. And of course, there is Zephyr, our coon hound extraordinaire. She is having a bit of trouble with the pup, she isn’t the friendliest dog, but there are signs of melting on her part. Last night, Zephyr and I went for an evening run. As the last of the sun dipped behind the mountains, the temperature dropped. We ran on through the frigid weather, comrades with cold noses and happy feet.


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  1. helen permalink
    December 9, 2011 4:47 pm

    Great pics! Thanks! Glad you’re safe and sound after the trip.

  2. Eva Pain permalink
    December 9, 2011 11:27 pm

    Chief is so cute!! And the meatballs look great!

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