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Family Visits and the Homecoming of my Love

September 16, 2011

Dad in the backcountry

I had company of late.  First my father arrived, 85 years old and still drove 900 miles alone to visit. Tim was still in Santa Cruz, so it was just Dad and me for a week, oh and all the animals. The first half of the visit was peppered with comments relating to why I was always on the move, outside working on my gardens, the horse pasture, horse training, keeping in shape, etc.  After a few days, Dad really got it, he sees how I am in my natural element here.  It was a moment of bliss for me, as the ususal comment almost everyone back in California makes is: What are you going to do all the way out in Idaho?  We had a simple time that consisted of eating home cooked meals, Dad sitting on the deck while I gardened, Dad riding along as I trailered Two Feathers for the first time, getting Dad out into the backcountry for a hike…   By the end, I believe that Dad cares as much about my sprouting Kale and Collards as I do.  He drove away early on the final morning and I sat down in some basic exhaustion, but only for a few minutes.  I had one week to catch up on some work before my daughter Genavieve and her boyfriend, Cheyne were to arrive

 I had one week to catch up on some work before my daughter Genavieve and her boyfriend, Cheyne were to arrive.For that week, I worked on my book every day, rode with my neighbor as much as possible and buffed out the ranch.  I met the kids over in Sun Valley and they followed me over the mountains toward  home.  The contrast between the generations is both stark and delightful.  The young couple jumped into ranch life with enthusiasm and I think my favorite moment of the visit was one morning while I was out in the new garden bed, Genavieve was reading on the porch and Cheyne was busy making me sprouting boxes in the garage.  My dream of creating a place for my loved ones to come and experience quiet bliss, to find new parts of themselves that may be hidden in the daily hum of life in the parts of the world where many people inhabit, was happening in real-time.  Genavieve and I rode the horses every day, even getting up and riding early on the day of her departure.  We borrowed a horse from Sally next door for Cheyne and he was able to ride as well.  There is a new horseman in the world!

As I watched the kids drive away, my sadness was tempered by the excitement of my husband coming home the next day.  I picked Tim up yesterday afternoon.  He is here for a short week before he returns to Santa Cruz for another 3 weeks.  We have never been apart so long as this last time and we have made a pact to never do so again.  As I again drove over the mountian, my love at my side, he reached over and took my hand, telling me that after his time back in Santa Cruz, he knows that this is home, that this is where his heart is and where he wants to be.  As difficult as it has been to be separated, his conviction was like a healing balm. Tim away from the ocean has concerned me, but I can tell without a doubt that Tim is ready to come home and stay.

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  1. September 16, 2011 12:52 am


  2. Eva permalink
    September 16, 2011 4:19 pm

    I love to read this! I’m glad Dad is back and you had a good time with Gramps and Gena and Cheyne. How exciting that he rode too!! It will be so much fun to have our family reunion out there next summer 🙂

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