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Outrigger Canoeing Comes to Mackay, Idaho

June 7, 2011

Tim Morley in action

Just because we are in the middle of Idaho doesn’t mean that my husband, Tim Morley, is going to shirk his outrigger canoe workouts.  We have a fine reservoir within 16 miles from our house.  I went along with Tim the other day and watched him launch the boat he brought from the salty seas of Santa Cruz.  He plucked the canoe off the car, put together its parts and made his way to the water’s edge.  I watched him paddle off and then set off with my dog for a run. 

Without any decent trail through the sagebrush, I decided to cross the highway and head for the mountains.  A canyon beckoned down a defined gravel road and after getting a safe distance in, I let Zephyr go to

Me & Zephyr

chase some free grazing cows and their offspring.  It wasn’t surprising that the distance was much farther than it appeared and after a few miles the creek that is surely running strong in the canyon was not much closer.  Tim didn’t know where I went, so I veered off a short distance along a dirt path to my right.  Zephyr  took that as her cue to charge down a steep little gorge and give the fleeing cows the business.  By the time I called her back, she was 1/4 mile away.  When the reservoir came back in sight, I could see Tim in his canoe, a slender thread of light green on the water.  I hoped to meet him, but found myself thrashing through untamed territory.  By the time we made the water’s cool edge, Zephyr marched into the water chest deep with no intention of getting out. 

We both got great workouts.  We loaded the boat back onto the car, drove over the Big Lost River down the country lane that leads to home in time to plant our third tree.   The next morning, Tim headed out for another paddle while I stayed home to work with Two Feathers.  It was a great session.  She is super smart and I ended up riding her around our property.  She walks out fast just like I want her to, she listens, she is full of spunk.  Right now I can see her out in her pasture doing her evening walk about.  Her sister is still stuck in the shelter, but she only has 2 more nights of her hoof bandage.  Two Feathers does a good job of visiting the hospital stall, but when evening comes, she has the desire to move about.  It is incredible watching them like this, learning when they like to nap, play and just hang out.


Our Girls


2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 7, 2011 6:35 pm

    Your accounts are my ‘adventure’ of the day. Thanks for that. I am so glad you did not run into danger while trekking ‘unexplored’ territory. Your hubby might have to follow your ‘retrieve’ dog to find you.

  2. Laura permalink
    June 20, 2011 3:45 pm

    Gorgeous landscape; we enjoy following your story!

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