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Adventures in the Big Lost River Valley

June 4, 2011

Our pasture on June 2

It has been a wild week with our new horses.  Between brilliant sunshine and random snowstorms, our equine family members seemed to be settling in fine, for a couple of days that is.  On the third day, Tim’s horse Sonata began to limp.  We thought maybe it was tenderness from having their hooves trimmed and then moving to our dry ground.  By the next day, we knew something was wrong and suspected a hoof abscess.  We called the vet, he couldn’t come out and we couldn’t ask her to get in the little trailer again and back out on that sore foot.  We broke out the epsom salts and apple cider vinegar. I held Sonata while Tim got her to lower her foot into a soaking bath.  Two Feathers came over to see why her sister was getting all the attention.  We were quite a group out there in the pasture.  The next morning Sonata hopped toward her hay pile on three legs.  We knew that we had to do something.

Sonata at home with her foot bandaged

We thought that our neighbor Fred, who was travelling, had a bumper pull stock trailer, so Tim set off in howling snow to see if this was true.  Miraculously we reached Fred by phone to ask permission to borrow it. The trailer fit our tow package and we were one step closer to driving the 45 miles to the veterinarian.  Poor Sonata had to hop down the rocky driveway, but she loaded like a champ.  On the way toward the highway, the trailer brakes started smoking.  Fred told us they might be shaky.  Tim did a back up maneuver which must have adjusted them because each time he checked them, they stayed cool from then on. Over the pass we went and through Grand View Canyon. Sonata hopped out of the trailer as easily as she got in and we led her into her stall at the Animal Hospital assuming she would be staying the night.  We left to do errands and told them we would check on her on the way out. 

Our new fir tree. Today was warm and lovely

It isn’t every day we drive into a town, so we headed down to the ranch supply store and bought a few trees.  They fit nicely into the big trailer.  After hitting the grocery store, we made our way back to see Sonata.  It was an abscess.  Dr Bennett had already treated her and we got to take her home.  The poor trees had to be loaded into the back of the pickup, where they would get a taste of the Big Lost River Valley weather.  We were pretty darn worried about Two Feathers by this time.  It was the first big test of our electric fence.  My stomach did flips during the last mile.  Two Feathers greeted us with a hearty whinny, but our work was far from done.  We unloaded Sonata, who already was walking so much better and tied her until we could convert their shelter into her hospital room.  After that was done and the horses were secure, we finally unloaded the trees, cleaned out Fred’s trailer and headed over to return it.  With another long ranch day under our belts, we toasted good neighbors, healthy horses and our hard work with a shot of Patron.  I just delivered a home-made apple pie to Fred.


Tim fell in love with this little aspen

Mt Borah got a dumping. Photo by Tim Morley

Life is calm again. Two Feathers taking a nap

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  1. helen permalink
    June 4, 2011 4:47 am

    Wow–what an adventure it all is!

  2. Jocelyn permalink
    June 7, 2011 2:56 pm

    So glad to hear that everything worked out! Love the pictures and reading about your adventures. Good thoughts to you and your family.

    • June 7, 2011 10:18 pm

      Hello fellow writer. Funny you should comment. I am just about to jump back into Pacheco Falls. How is everything going for you?

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