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Two Feathers & Sonata are Home

May 31, 2011

Sonata's mama with her new baby

I watched the clock all night.  Finally it was time to rise.  Kermit was already hitched, the coffee was brewing and all we had to do was jump in the truck and go.  We left Zephyr.  She didn’t like it one bit.  4 hours later we pulled into Corvallis, MT.  My inner radar directed us to the Lynn’s Quarter Horse Ranch even after only being there once before.  Tim asked me earlier if I had the directions.  “I don’t need them,” I said.  We knew we were there when we saw the newborn babies hanging tight to the sides of their mothers.  We pulled into the driveway and saw that Rockeyand Betty were

1 day old baby

with another customer.  It gave us time to check out the little ones.  It was warm and green in the Bitterroot Valley, as if this place was in a different season than our Idaho ranch.

After finding out where Two Feathers and Sonata were, we headed over to re-aquaint ourselves.  Two Feathers was busy teasing a group of young fellas in the next paddock over.  We greeted them and then headed off to have lunch with the Lynns and the other customers.  I treated myself to a huckleberry milkshake.  It was worth it.  The entire time I wondered how and if our horses would load into our small front load trailer with a ramp.  Most people around here seem to

Two Feather & Sonata & Tim

have big stock trailers.  Rockey and I haltered up the girls and while he held onto Sonata, I introduced Two Feathers to her chariot.  In about two minutes, she figured out what I wanted and walked right in.  It took about 5 minutes with Sonata.  After they were both loaded, we left them to some hay in the manger while we went to the house to complete the paperwork. 

The five-hour drive home, over passes and windy roads, went without a hitch.  We were back at our place by 8pm, the cold wind greeting us like a vindictive lover.  The horses were calm, despite our dog’s

Two Feathers & Sonata

excitement.  We couldn’t wait until we unloaded them, turned them out into their new home and entered the warmth of our home.  It was not to be.  Our new horses do not know how to back up.  They were terrified of the ramp.  They were exhausted from the trip.  They would not get out. 

For and hour and a half, we tried everything, doing things in desperation that I knew were not good, like shaking a plastic bag in Two Feather’s face.  She wanted to get out, but she would not take a step.  She leaned her big quarter horse back as far as it would go, her legs trembling beneath her.  We lifted the ramp with hay to make it level, I stepped in and asked them to move back, we tapped their back legs with a crop to give them the idea, we put two lead ropes on Two Feathers and pulled from behind.  She just lowered her head and dug her feet in.  Finally, we decided to try the same thing with Sonata.  All of us were spent, it was getting darker and the cold wind didn’t have mercy.  Tim and I positioned ourselves in the rear, each with a lead rope hooked to Sonata’s halter.  We applied pressure and she took two steps back.  We applied a little more pressure and when she felt the ground with one hoof, she threw her head up and took some fur off, but she was out and okay.  Two Feathers wasn’t convinced.  I unhooked the partition and turned her in the larger space.  It wasn’t quite large enough.  She got stuck, but I managed to push her rump and free her. 

Our girls at home!

After we let them loose in their new pasture, tossed them some hay and put up the halters, Tim and I hugged in relief and jubilation.  We had all survived what could have been a dangerous situation.  Needless to say, our new horses didn’t want much to do with us the next morning.  But we aren’t in any kind of a hurry and we make a little progress with them every few hours. 

Rockey Lynn & Tim Morley

Concord Music, the father of both our horses.

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  1. May 31, 2011 7:42 pm

    These pics are gorgeous. I really like the one with the mom and baby. Great photography!

  2. Gena permalink
    June 1, 2011 6:36 pm

    Wow what an adventure!! I am so happy that you have your horses at home and can start this new journey with each other.

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