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Kermit Rides Again, at Home in Idaho

May 27, 2011

The Family

I was catatonic the last week before we loaded up yet another U-Haul.  This was the last one.  After months of anticipation, the day had come.  My mind has been turned off.   Instead, I functioned on instinct and emotion.  The day before we left, all of our kids hung out with us.  Gena’s boyfriend Cheyenne packed most of the trailer, all hands were on deck to make food and clean up.  We watched Indiana Jones, several spent the night.  It was heaven even though I was somewhat zombie-like.  The morning was bittersweet and when the time came, the kids gathered outside to send us off.  Because we have two vehicles, I was alone in the truck driving off into the distance.  Lots of time to think.  Too much, maybe.  I kept my eye on Tim behind me in our little red car, his outrigger canoe strapped to the top. 

Tim Morley's Canoe

We drove north and east, over the Sierra, down into the desert, then north into the inter-mountain region where our little house sits on the prairie.  Our only driving mishap was Tim’s canoe catching strong wind.  He managed to repair the problem. 

We are in our home now, unpacking mountains of boxes, hunkering down against the unseasonable snow storm last night.  It has felt a bit strange to me.  Tim says the opposite.  Funny because I have always been the one to feel instantly at home here.  The long wait has taken its toll, but I am starting to recover.  We walked our property, headed out around the butte this afternoon, worked out in the changing weather, sun and snow flurries taking turns between sets of bench presses.  Today, it  really feels like home. 

Kermit is ready to roll

We hitched up Kermit this afternoon and took our little green trailer for a test drive to make sure everything was in order for the big day. Our horses are waiting for us up in Montana.  After only one more day, we will fetch them and my dream of one day living with my horse full-time will be realized.  Tim has declared tomorrow ‘ranch day,” the day we prepare the pasture, fill the water tanks, hook up the solar electric fence  charger, and walk the fence line.  Today I phoned the farrier, got my name in for when he shows up in the part of the world.  I called Walt.  He said he would bring some hay.  Everything will be in order, even our dog is excited.  My next blog will feature our new girls at home!

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  1. helen permalink
    May 27, 2011 6:09 pm

    Welcome back–glad you made it! What a journey. Hope the Montana leg of the big trip goes well.

    • May 28, 2011 2:20 am

      Hello friend. I wonder if I will sleep a wink tonight. We will hit the road about 6:30 in the AM. It is butt cold here right now, but the view from inside our cozy house is unbelievable. You will see…

  2. Dee permalink
    May 30, 2011 4:57 am

    I eagerly await your next installment…the horses!:)

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