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Road Trip, Mind Trip

April 21, 2011

On the last night of the workshop, we wild writer types cut loose.  After dancing the night away at an Asian Karaoke bar, we stumbled down the streets of Hood River, OR to find some more fun.  Soon it was in the middle of the night and way past this girl’s bedtime.  The next morning came fast, and I found myself sitting in the final morning session.  The group of people  who called the Hood River Inn home for that week will not soon be forgotten.  A two-day drive was all that remained between myself and Santa Cruz.  It was a thought filled journey, my mind roving over and engulfing all that I had learned.  I kept a pen and notepad next to me, so that I could scribble incomprehensible notes while driving down the freeway. 

Most of us at the Hood River BONI

As I neared Mt Shasta, I saw a sign that said Pacific Crest Trail.  I veered onto the off ramp without a moment’s hesitation.  After doing a quick change behind my car doors, I began to run on part of a trail that has provided so many teenage memories.  During my stay in Oregon, I had the occasion to see two very old and dear friends that I spent some wild and crazy teenage years with.  Mandy and Karol are as beautiful as I remember and the decades since we have seen each other melted into a delicious immediate connection.  With memories and love in my heart from seeing these two great women, I ran along the soft earth and let myself go back.  It was especially poignant because I had just been advised to try to immerse myself in the heart of my teenager character, Samantha.  I let Pacheco Falls rumble through me at will, my ideas bubbling, colliding, growing solid.  When I returned, after running 6 miles that passed like 2, I found my pad and wrote a page of ideas.  I then immersed myself in an icy creek that was rushing underneath a footbridge near my car.  With every inch of me alive, pulsing with this life I am working toward, I hopped back into my little car and continued down the road.

Donald Maass doing his thing

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