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Today Marks a New Year – Ready, Set…

April 12, 2011

Kristine Damico

What a day and not just because it is my birthday.  53rd to be exact.  I woke up this morning in Klamath Falls, OR in a two-bit Econo-lodge.  I happen to know how crummy the carpet was, because I actually got down there and did some push ups.  Yes, I am that brave.  I worried about bed bugs, but woke up bite free and wandered out into the world seeking the right strength of coffee.  I didn’t find it, but what I did find got me to Bend.  I phoned a friend who now lives there, a Bikram Yoga teacher and extraordinary person.  She graciously led me to strong organic coffee and after our wonderful visit, my triple Americano fueled the rest of my drive to Hood River. 

View from my hotel

In my little red car, I travelled through a white out snow storm as I passed by Mt Hood and then finally dropped down to the Columbia River where my writers workshop is being held.   I slid the card key into the door and entered my private domain for the next week.  It is a far cry from the Econo-lodge.  I can step from my room onto a private patio and then take a few more steps out to the banks of the Columbia River.  After changing my clothes, I again greeted the carpet, this time without getting the willies, did some push ups and such and hit the path for a run.  A full rainbow arched over the river and I do believe it was telling me something. 

I have just come in from the introductory dinner and session for this workshop which is called:  Writing the Breakout Novel, Intensive with Donald Maass.  The parting words were, “get some sleep tonight, you are going to need it.”  The earlier words were, “try not to cry.”  I don’t know what to think about all this, but I do know what I want.  I want my work to ascend to the next level, learn as much as I can during this week, take home tools that I  can use for every project.  So, as I begin this next year of my life, I will open my mind to learning, relish being in the student role and write my heart out.

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  1. April 12, 2011 4:50 pm

    Aha!So we are both Aires.Happy Birthday and ‘mennnny’ more’. I hope you hit the ‘BIG time’ before I have to ‘check out’. I am re-living my ‘dream’ of success through you. Hope you don’t mind. I got such a late start…only one of MANY excuses for running out of steam. Again, Happy Birthday! Happy Life! A great mate like yours is such an asset. ‘Fine Feather Award’ for your wise choice.

  2. helen permalink
    April 12, 2011 10:11 pm

    Awesome view from the room! Hope you enjoy yourself and take away everything they offer. I predict no tears from you.

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