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Love is Here and There

April 3, 2011

Helen and Genavieve

This week I had lunch with my beloved friend, Helen, of more than 30 years.   We sat at Asana Tea House and reveled in each other’s company, knowing that our days of living around the block from each other are numbered.  Tonight, I had dinner with my father at Ristorante Italiano.  We had a similar experience.  We took our time, shared a bottle of wine, all the while understanding that each time together is a treasure. 

Dad and Me

It could be looked at as a shame that it takes moving away to bring us closer to the ones we love who live so near us, or it can be looked at as another gift of getting to the next chapter in life.  Sometimes it seems to take the imminent loss of something to light a fuse underneath the actual action of making the connection.  I will see these leisure meals as the bonus times that they are, gifts born out of my imminent move to Idaho, because in truth, any time together is a wonder, no matter why we do it.  It is so much better to simply laugh and enjoy, then to speculate on what might not be in the future.  In reality, the future can be anything, no matter where I choose to live and love doesn’t know distance, it just is.

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  1. helen permalink
    April 3, 2011 5:14 pm

    Amen to that. It will be an opportunity to make it into something different, and it has been different things over all these years, hasn’t it? Yet, here we are, having learned to love each other better and more maturely, and to embrace and appreciate our differences as well as our commonalities. You did test me, but I learned the qualities of empathy and forgiveness. For that I thank you as these qualities are important ones to learn and remember in a long life. I have to admit a tinge of sadness at your imminent departure as it has meant something just knowing you are are stone’s throw away. But when I see your photos previewing the opportunities that await you in your new life–like snowshoed you in your black bra amidst the Tetons as an everyday event–it can’t be any other way. This blog will help when you go–I hope you keep it up. Love you.

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