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Life’s Stormy Gusts

March 23, 2011

I biked to yoga after working at the lab today.  I knew the rain was imminent, yet I didn’t want to fight over the parking.  It was a fantastic class for a couple of reasons.  I ran 8 miles yesterday and expected to be stiff, I wasn’t.  I had plugged 6 miles into my iPod-Nike running gizmo, but the world out there was so gorgeous I just kept going up the mountain at Wilder Ranch.  I saw 2 gaggles of turkeys, several deer and a bobcat.  Yoga was a must today after that. 

I was grumpy before I left, the stresses of my life change rearing their feisty heads.  The ride down helped, it always does.  I couldn’t decide where to stand in class, I was that discombobulated.  The teacher came in and I immediately assumed the position both physically and mentally.  I felt strong in class,  a tiny bit off balance in moments, but the break from all my thoughts was restoring.  The rain began to fall as I buckled my bike helmet to come home.  The ride was a wind-swept journey, complete with sand in my eyes.  I had to hold my bike with force against the gusts as I rode around the beach. 

I am home now writing this before the fire.   My feet are still a bit cold, yet I haven’t done anything to change it up.  I am sitting here just remembering what a fellow yogini said to me after class.  She is reading Cole Creek.  She said that she doesn’t want it to end, that she is going to have a maidenhood rite of passage celebration for her daughter.  She told me that it is going to happen for me.  I realize that I believe her, that deep inside I know I can do it, break out as a writer, have my novels mean something.  I realize that it is already happening.

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  1. blackwatertown permalink
    March 23, 2011 3:07 am

    The feet warming against the fire sounds good.

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