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The Fragility of Precious Peace, Backcountry Bliss

March 12, 2011

I snowshoed around Bartlett Point in total silence, completely unaware about what was happening out there in the world.  When we hiked over to the neighbor’s house to get some internet access, we learned about the earthquake in Japan and the havoc wreaked all over the Pacific, including our hometown harbor in Santa Cruz.  Yet, the peace in our world was still complete.  The elk tracks leading to the back of the huge butte led me to hope that I might one day look out my and see elk atop the point. 

The next morning, I woke to early light and scrutinized the top of Bartlett Point.  There was an extra silhouette,so I grabbed the binoculars.  The elk came into clear view, standing at the very crest of the butte and as I scanned down, several more well camouflaged elk were down in the sage munching recently uncovered grass.  We decided to snowshoe up the toward the distant tree stands that day in hopes of seeing others.  We assumed that they had fled Bartlett Point the minute the day got under way.  As we ascended the first rise, the entire herd came into view.  They spied us and after some scrutiny, took off into the distance.  They numbered at lead 35. 

The sun warmed us despite the temperature and soon, Tim and I were stripping off whatever we could.  We ascended to the place were my character Rebecca, in Cole Creek, presents herself to the 4 directions.  We looked all around us and were lucky enough to see the herd again, whipping around in the canyon beyond us and heading for the cover of a stand of trees. 

It is impossible to not think about how those people in Japan are coping, how we can be living such a peaceful existence at the same moment so many are fighting for their lives.  I hope and pray that nature’s circle will help them, that things will find a balance of some sort.  I also find myself so very grateful for these moments Tim and I are having, knowing that at any time, things can change radically for any of us.

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  1. Susan Green permalink
    March 12, 2011 11:22 pm

    hi, It was so great to see you both. we are eating your lasagna tonight for dinner…. When you get a chance could you tell me more about your arthritis diet? my mom wants to know! look forward to seeing you in a few months. Susie

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