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From the Laboratory to the Unknown

March 3, 2011

I assisted a physician today on a bone marrow biopsy.  It was a roomful of women getting the job done, a female doctor, nurse, the person I am training, and a student nurse.  Oh yes, the patient was also a female.  We had a great time despite the procedure.  The patient felt little pain, the doc gave me great specimens and we kept the atmosphere light.  I realize that I am going to miss this part of my job at Dominican Hospital.  Dr Edwards and I may not see each other again before my last day and we hugged a goodbye just in case. 

I hustled my specimens back to the lab and began to process them into various modes for study.  Slides to stain, tubes to send out, liquids to deliver to the pathology department.  As I was under the hood mixing the solution for the iron stain, I had another nostalgic moment.  I stopped and looked around me, took in the place that I have devoted 19 years.  It is a good place filled with good people. 

Great Women at Dominican Laboratory

Coincidently, I enrolled in an intensive writer’s conference last night.  Today I received my pre-assignment that is due by March 11th.  It is daunting.  I realize that this is the difference for me.  I have climbed to the top of my possibilities in the lab.  As far as my writing is concerned, the future is laid out like an unknown mountain range, filled with peaks and draws that I have no knowledge of as of yet.  I am ready for this challenge, it is intimidating, thrilling, terrifying, but I am going for it.

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  1. April 2, 2011 8:25 pm

    Now I see another side of you. No wonder I am mesmerized. You are an angel in disguise. One of the many who saved my life just last March/April 2010.

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