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SFWC Brings out the Real Writers

February 20, 2011

View from my hotel window.

The San Francisco Writers Conference has been everything I wanted so far.  It is Saturday evening, after two full days of writing sessions.  A few agents have asked for Pacheco Falls, I have been both inspired and frightened a little, but mostly educated in a way that lights a fire within my creative reservoir.  The keynote speakers have been stellar, yesterday was Dorothy Allison who wrote Bastard out of Carolina and today was David Morrell who wrote First Blood (Rambo).  Both authors spoke on the importance of writing from the heart and with an

David Morrell & Rambo

internal purpose that defies the rest of the writing business.  We write because we must, because there is something that happened to us of which we may not be conscious that has a voice and with its expression, a certain contentment cannot be known. 

Spending time amongst writers who have such passion is a smidgen intimidating, but their message, and that of the many presenters I have heard, addresses that very fear.  Writers must be brave to be good.  One must not stop at the threshold of telling the real deal, one must go deeper than is comfortable, reach in and get that horrible, beautiful little truth out by means of character and story. 

It is perfect timing for me to hear this sage advice.  I am beginning my rewrite of Pacheco Falls and the problems that I feared with the story have evaporated.  I have my story, I know what to do, I know what  the  characters must learn.  The question is can I do it and the answer is a unequivical yes.  This book is going to rock. 

My hotel room

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  1. Carolyn permalink
    February 20, 2011 12:46 pm

    What a great experience. I a pests found that conferences in San Franciso with the views and crispness of te weather added so much and reenvigorised me. Enjoy and just soak it all you. CT

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