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My Mental Health Day – Bike, Run, Bike, Bikram Yoga

February 14, 2011

Tim Morley and his little dog

I gave myself a mental health day today.  Everyone does it their own way, but here was mine:  I woke up at 7:38 which is practically like noon to me.  By the time the coffee was had, it was after, yes after, 8 in the morning.  I joined Tim on his daily walk of our dog and then didn’t allow myself to have the opportunity to dampen the plan I had brewing since the day before.  I fueled up on some freshly juiced veggies and sweet potato drizzled with flax oil and sprinkled with pumpkin seeds.  I filled my water bottle, threw an orange into my bike pack and took off for Wilder Ranch.  35 minutes later, after braving the chilly air on my bare legs, I arrived and locked up my bike.  I fired up my Nike + iPod, my new toy that makes me oh so happy and commenced to run up the mountain. 

The trail went up for a long time and even when I got to descend and rest, I knew that the uphill was waiting for me just ahead.  Still, I chose to take the long route, running all the way up to the eucalyptus grove (about 6 miles in) before I headed back to my trusty bike.  My run was a delightful 10 miles, the last miles being better than the first.  When I returned to my bicycle, I drained the water bottle and peeled the orange, the juice dripping down my hands.  It was

I did it!

incredible.  I mounted my bike and checked to see that my legs would actually work.  They seemed willing until I hit the nasty hill that I had to surmount.  My gear slipped just as I was ascending the steepest part, kicking my foot out of my toe basket.  I almost stopped and walked, but instead I suffered.  It adds to the sense of accomplishment! 

I finally made it home, knowing that my still limbs would loosen in the Bikram Yoga class I planned to attend a few hours later.  My first forward bend resisted my efforts.  At that point, I thought I might have to concede that I would be marking time in the class with about 50 percent effort.  The second forward bend changed all that and as the class progressed, my body felt stronger and more limber.  It was a fabulous day, one straight out of the young Julie playbook.  I just fed my husband and myself a dinner loaded with the bounty of the earth, crisp salad and fresh squash soup.  It was a perfect day, one that will take me into this weekend up in the city where I will be away from my beloved woods.

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