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The Day my Life Changed Forever

January 27, 2011

My sister Paula, Me with Gena, Mom 1987

Today was a special day.  It marks the day, 24 years ago, that I became a mother.  I have spent the day in personal splendor, having begun the morning with a run in the forest, did a little housework, sat in the sun while eating lunch, wrote at the tea shop, did some yoga.  I know this day is really about Genavieve, but I always feel like having a little internal celebration for the birthing day.  It is a time when I think of my own mother and my sister and how different we all are and how the same too.  People often ask when I am doing a book reading if the characters are part of my family.  I used to think that they were, sort of composites of my daughters and other family members.  As I worked on Pacheco Falls today, writing a particularly intense section for Jayne, a mother and a daughter, I know that these characters are not my relatives, but people who have their own histories. 

Genavieve holding her cousin Erica Stenz

Looking back on some of these pictures of young Genavieve, seeing the seed of what she has become as a woman expressed in her actions as a child, these things are unique to her.  She will be a great mother, she is bossy, she loves to dress up, she always wants to be held and to cuddle.  I felt particularly inspired today while writing.  I think it is because of this special day that reminds me to look back at pre-mother Julie, new mother Julie and all the way to now, empty nest Julie.  All this fodder rolling around in me, begging to get into a story.  Perhaps writing novels is the perfect endeavor for a mother whose kids are really adults.  I can weave the story of my young characters any way I want, unlike the lives of my offspring.  If I don’t like the

Grandpa and Genavieve

result, I can go back in and change it.   We can’t do that with our own kids, what is done is done.  We can talk about stuff, find middle ground, explain mistakes, move forward and live in the present.  We are our histories, but our futures are living and breathing, happening in the present moment.   The possibilities are endless.  On the day that Genavieve Hope Pain was born, there is no way that I could have conceived how my life has turned out.  What a trip it has been.  Happy Birthday my darling child.

Eva & Genavieve - sisters

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  1. Amy Waynar permalink
    January 27, 2011 7:30 am

    love that little tiger outfit…soooooo cute. I saw you riding your bike back from yoga tonight near Seabright. You looked great! Hi to ya! Miss ya. Let’s get together!

  2. helen permalink
    January 27, 2011 3:22 pm

    Happy Birthday Gena! I must have an old email address for you because I tried to write but it came back. I remembered your day amidst a bunch of work and other stuff. Hope you had a great day little honey!

    Love, your godmother, Helen

  3. Grandma permalink
    January 28, 2011 3:56 pm

    I remember that day well. I was so excited that after the birth I got lost in Visalia from the hospital back to your home. Also thAt they would only let the grandmother hold the baby once during the whole hospital stay. Remember we worked out that I stood outside the window out doors to see little sweetie pie. Mom/grandma

  4. Gena permalink
    January 28, 2011 7:58 pm

    Thank you Mama for writing such a nice birthday piece for me! I love you so much!

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