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The Hard Work is Worth it

January 17, 2011

Reading at Bookshop Santa Cruz

Just when you think that things are looking bleak, the work you put in long ago comes up and says otherwise.  This week was local author night at Bookshop Santa Cruz and although it was well attended, not too many people lined up to buy their signed copy.  Boo hoo right!  Wrong, well maybe for a minute.  I met some great fellow authors, got some exposure…   Then some other funky think happened and the next thing you know, I felt like my work was crap, my efforts wasted, poor Tim. 

It was the night I wrote my last blog, the saddle cleaning night, that I got some great news.  A company I really like, Long Riders Gear, loves my blog and wants to use some pieces for their newsletter (if you need horse gear, you know where to go now!)  and then the next day, I get an email that a little piece I submitted to an online site used my article.  Check it out!!

Eva and Frankie

So here I am back in the saddle and how do I celebrate?  Out in the woods of course.  Yesterday it was just me and my doggie running 5 miles in the narrow canyon left between some urban sprawl.  Today, it was me and Eva and our two dogs.  We did the usual run, down to the small creek, up to the top and then down again to the San Lorenzo River, straight down mind you.  Wee Frankie is learning to swim and she is now brave enough to fetch a stick even if it requires going over her head.  She is a funny little beginning swimmer, but aren’t we all when we first start.  After the swimming lessons, we had to go back up.  Since I did all that hiking in elevation a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would be sailing up that mother.  Well, Eva did.  This old 50-plus woman still had some walking to do, but I did increase the number of running steps from just about zero to a good fourth or maybe even third (not likely).  Plus, I was the one who suggested we add some distance after we could breath again.  I am going to run up that whole thing one day, mark my words, just like I am going to be a successful author.

Dog and People Heaven

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  1. January 17, 2011 5:01 pm

    Hi Julie Ann,
    Just so you already know you are a successful author, I have been reading Cole Creek and am enjoying the story as it unfolds. At present I only follow your blog. The trick I think is to find the right audience for your style as as you said that is starting to happen. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all good things take time, just like finding the right horse for you.

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