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Life Marches Forward

January 2, 2011
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Marshall, Genavieve, Mom & Sophie

I am in North Carolina for my mother’s eightieth birthday.  The event was yesterday on New Years.  I just woke up and padded out seeking coffee and Mom told me that yesterday was the best day of her life.  I think about how much I love it when all my kids are in the house at the same time.   I can only imagine what it must feel like for her, now that all of her children are now in their fifties. 

I think this feeling must always be there, this marvel at having our children around.  We did a group photo, a friend of Mom’s came and took it.  I felt sad at that moment because only 1 of my children could make the trip to the East Coast (all the other grandchildren were present).  It was at that moment that I got how happy she must be right now. 

My daughter Genavieve represented though.  At dinner, my brother Mark toasted her for making the meal happen and it was true.  At age 23 (days from 24) Genavieve aptly orchestrated the massive meal.  After dinner, my brother Mark, his daughter Sophie, Genavieve and I took an evening walk up the mountain behind Mom’s house.  The snow patches stood out in the dark and we let our

New Years Eve

imaginations run.  Bunnies, dragons, mad cats… these were some of the creatures we saw in dwindling snow patches.  I love these simple times, the gift of simply being toget

Genavieve Pain, Michelle Stenz, Erica Stenz, Sophie Padilla, Marshall PadillaJulie Morley, Mark Padilla, Paula Stenz Julie Morley, Mark Padilla, Paula Stenz

Julie Morley, Mark Padilla, Paula Stenz

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