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Hundred Acre Woods

December 16, 2010

Tim Morley and our little dog Zephyr

Since I am without a mount at present, I find myself heading out to the open space multiple times per day.  I do have a horse, as many of you know, but she still lives in Montana and I am in California.  I thought of Winnie the Pooh this evening because it was my second time today out in my Hundred Acre Wood.  This morning was the obligatory morning walk with Zephyr, the one Tim does every single day and the one I join them on when I am not working at the hospital.  We saw three hawks and a falcon, the bird were perched in high trees, low scrub and a small oak. 

This evening after the sun went down, the light fading, the growing moon adding what it could, I went for a run.  Just me and Zephyr.  The light dwindled to nothing but the dappled moonlight shone between the tree canopy and my feel strode out on ground they know by heart.  I realize how much this place means to me, this small wood in the middle of thousands of houses, a bastion of peace.  These open places are treasures, ones we must protect at all costs.

Our Hundred Acre Wood

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