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No Guts, No Glory

December 12, 2010

I had two different book signing events yesterday, so you could say it was an all day affair.  By the time I finish these things, I am whipped.  Why would anyone stop and buy my book?  My dazzling presentation of course.  At the end,when I pack up my remaining books, fold up the tablecloth, flatten the card table and make my way home, my personal energy is depleted as if the creative flow has been juiced from me and given as refreshment to each person I have spoken with.  I wonder if these people feel something.  Some must because they buy Cole Creek and feel excited about it.  Some are simply not interested, I even had one man discount me mid-sentence, claiming he was not interested with a wave of his hand based on my partial sentence.  That moment disturbed me because I am sensitive to people’s right to pass me without engaging and he came to me!!  What he doesn’t know is that his little bit of inhumanity will end up in one of my characters some day. 

How will I rejuvenate my creative reservoirs?  You all know the answer to that.  I will get out in the woods just shortly.  I am in my bed still, have been working on Pacheco Falls this morning,  rewriting the first 5000 words that I plan to submit to the SFWC contest next month.  These pages are ready for some readers, I will find the most picky readers that I know.  My skin must be thick, no guts, no glory.  I will run with my daughter down a mountain and then attempt to run back up, knowing that I will slow to a steady walking gait.  I have a dream of one day running up that entire trail.  This dream is analogous to the one about my writing.  I want to find an agent, become an author that everyone knows and have my books be spread from coast to coast.  Just as I must train my body to eventually run that mountain, I must work equally hard to attain my goal as a writer.  I will keep you posted…

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  1. Amy Waynar permalink
    December 13, 2010 6:58 am

    you are right…no pain, no gain! That man will end up in your story one day .. but for now he is just going to miss out on the fantastic, inspiring, well written, book that you have written. His loss!
    I sent you a text over the Thanksgiving holiday saying that I finished the book and read the last 10 chapters to Dave while we were driving through the mountains in heavy traffic…we both wept at the end…fabulous story Julie!!

    I can be your picky reader if you like…I like that kind of stuff!!!
    Hope to see you soon…lets walk !

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