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Love Pain

December 8, 2010

Jack Pain

Something magical happens in the 19th year.  I was getting ready to go for a run today, did my thing on my exercise machine, stretched a bit and was about to pop on my dirt crusted running shoes.  I had even told the dog we were going.  As I headed toward the door to retrieve my shoes that live on the porch, the door opened and there was my son Jack. 

My happiness knows no bounds!!  I don’t see this son much, he is a busy working student and not much of a communicator to boot.  My texting skills have increased dramatically as this is one way we have stayed in touch.  I abandoned my plans to run, gave him a giant hug before we settled on the couch for a visit.  He came over just to see me…

What used to be my little boy was a young man who I realized that I would now have the pleasure to get to know.  He talked about his life, the things he likes and doesn’t, about school and work and friends.  Our dog wasn’t sure at first.  She positioned herself between us, giving him the understated growl when he neared.  As Jack talked, the relaxation he expressed, the increased understanding he plainly has of himself in the world delighted me, heartened me and attracted Zephyr.  Soon she was leaning into him giving him kisses. 

Jack will be 20 years old in a few months and I have noticed such growth in each child as they move through this final year of being a teenager.  I have missed Jack these last several months, but have resisted the urge to command him into my presence.  What I saw today makes it all worthwhile, to behold a vision of my son getting to know himself, coming to me on his own, finding his unique place in the world we all share.

Little Jack Pain

Big Jack Pain

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  1. helen permalink
    December 9, 2010 12:53 am

    So handsome

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