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The Simple Life

December 5, 2010

Eva and Friends

The joy of the perfect day.  First, to wake up to the wonderous aroma of strong coffee, brewed on the timer, ready to be poured the second I pad down the stairs.  Walking the dog with Tim, still being able to climb over a chain link fence that has never been locked before, (actually, Tim had to catch me on the other side).  Then meeting my daughter Eva for a run up in the woods, our very ‘well-behaved dogs’ howling and jumping with excitement, running along the trail, leaves sparkling from recent rain, descending straight down and huffing our way back up the mountain.  Returning home and cooking breakfast, watching

Tim and his chainsaw

Coach Lee Corso on tape delay put on the duck head before getting out the Christmas decorations.  We watched football, Tim got out his chainsaw, I cleaned the house , sounds mundane, but I loved every minute of it.

Without a second of time pressure, I decorated the Christmas tree, each bauble bringing forth a plethora of family memories.  Most of our decorations are ancient, some (like the manger) are things that have been part of my Christmas since I was a young child.  I still put up art work the children made when they were in primary school.  This year is different for a couple of reasons though.  One, it was just Tim and I doing the decorating, the kids all off doing their own lives and second, it is our last Christmas in this house.  It is a situation that is rife with heady excitement with melancholy undertones.

Part of my Christmas for over 40 years

Then as evening came, we went for another walk before dinner as the ‘taters baked to a perfect brown.  After dinner, Tim watched Oklahoma versus Nebraska, I fired up my computer and wrote almost 10 pages.  I am closing in on 200 pages written on Pacheco Falls and things are heating up.   Stay tuned…

The really cool thing is that this is going to be our life soon enough, Tim and I setting the pace as we see fit, living simply and loving it.

Scene of a perfect day


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