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The Fellow Human Being & Matters of the Heart

November 28, 2010

Genavieve, Helen, Julie, Eva

This Thanksgiving was a fertile ground for girl talk.  It isn’t a novel situation between my daughters and myself, but it is not something we have done with my niece and my sister.  A couple of hours after dinner, my niece Erica began to talk about matters of the heart.  Genavieve, Eva and I perked right up, snapped to attention really.  Erica has not really talked much about her inner workings, her conversation mostly revolving around her professional goals and aspirations.  But, this is a girl we love, whose blood we share and the promise of a real connections was thrilling.  We talked and laughed and got serious. 

After that we broke into two groups to work off some of our holiday feast.  My sister Paula and Genavieve headed out for a walk and Eva, Erica and I chose to run.  Struggling to keep up with two 21-year-old fitness fanatics, I

Genavieve, Eva, Erica

managed to do so while holding a non-stop conversation.  We talked about many things, but the point that most strongly remains with me concerns the concept of vulnerability.  It is the ability to be vulnerable, to open ourselves to the possibility of emotional ruin in the hopes of making a real connection that separates a community, a family, a people from being nothing more than a corporation.  Yes we risk, but is life really worth living without the kind of personal ties that would devastate you if they ceased?  Is is not this understanding of the precious nature of such relationships that inspire us to evolve in our heart, mind and spirit?

My dear friends Helen & Scott were also over, friends who are so deep that they have long ago morphed into the family category.  Friends that stood by me when I was a single mom, friends that provided an anchor for my little children as their parents cracked up like Humpty-Dumpty.  Friends that stood by my choice of Tim even when he seemed scary to everyone else because they saw down into his true nature as a family man.  I couldn’t help but think about how much growing we all can do throughout our lives and how the young woman, my niece, Erica, is on the cusp of wondering what it means to be a fellow human being.  We all have our decisions to make about the life we live.   I am thrilled that my niece is knocking on some new doors.

Thanksgiving 2010

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  1. Susan Green permalink
    November 28, 2010 3:50 pm

    hi, what a beautiful family picture. love and miss you guys, your new neighbors! Susie

    • November 28, 2010 4:53 pm

      Hi Susie – I love hearing from you. Thoughts of our future home flood in with your words. I imagine you inside a warm room, writing, the brisk light air outside swirling around your house. We planted our pasture before we left and that night the wind came up, boo hoo, I hope some of the seeds stayed on that part of the ground. Is there some snow now staying on the ground on the flats? I envision an expanse of green on that acre…

      • Susan Green permalink
        November 28, 2010 6:47 pm

        yes . we have plenty of snow. but the creek started running again. we’ll see how long that lasts till it freezes up for good.. we are headed back to school today. no more pass. gotta go the long way!

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