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Don’t Judge a Book (or Person) by the Cover

November 22, 2010

I have been around a lot of people lately.  Crowds of people.  We sold 37 copies of Cole Creek at a faire yesterday.  You could say it was a smashing success book selling wise.  It was also rich grounds for people observation.  It was pouring rain outside and people would enter the venue wet and ready to peruse.  They came in all shapes and sizes, many nationalities, ages and economic positions.  I began to try to guess which shoppers would be interested in purchasing my novel.  I had my pitch down and basically used the same words for each person and not just because they are good words.  It was fascinating to see the varied reactions. 

My study through observation proved one thing to me and here it is:  You never know so don’t presuppose what a person is all about.  I had people buy my book that I would have bet there was a zero percent chance of a sale and people who I would peg as sure shots pass me by without so much as a moment’s thought. 

I just came from a very crowded yoga class and I looked around a bit before we started.  I think there was every representation of body type, age, color, tattoo type, outfit, level of fitness and there we were all on our own journeys toward better health and happiness.

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