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Living in Two Worlds

November 18, 2010

Living between two worlds is a challenge and of course there are great things about each world.  Our California

Santa Cruz Harbor

life has the ocean, Bikram yoga, a grocery store within 25 miles, oh yeah, and our offspring.  Idaho has quite, beauty out every window, country people and brisk temps.  We are lucky to be able to shuttle back and forth some, but the culture shock isn’t easy. 

The things that remain the same are what home is really made of.  Tim and I working together to make our life.   Whenever we travel like this, the usual questions and comments pop up about how lucky we are to retire , but the reality is that we are not retiring, really, how could we in our 50s?  We are changing our lives, going for the dream we germinated in the first few months of our relationship, throwing caution to the wind and taking our chances.

Tim Morley getting a picture of a hawk

When we walked around the butte the day before we left Idaho this time, we talked about what would make this thing work, you know, being relatively isolated in a new place.  We held hands like kids and knew what the key is, the central thing about the change that makes it possible.  It is that we really like each other and when we are there, we have the time and space to take care of each other and enjoy each other.  And, I have to say, I can’t believe that Tim is now a horse owner and that the thing I always dreamed of sharing with him is a reality waiting to happen.  We are going to give low impact horse camping a go, we have a vision to see as many wild places as we possibly can.  That is the summer plan anyway.  The winter plan involves lots of miles in snow shoes.

Three Sisters

The hawk

Rockey Lynn, Tim Morley & Good Friend

Side yard

Front yard

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