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Giants Win World Series – Ending 5 Decades of Torture

November 10, 2010


Guest Blog by Tim Morley

Tim Morley

The dust has settled from our kitchen remodel and the orange and black sporting green still sits on top of my desk – The Giants, World Series Champs!

As I watched the Giants’ great pitching subdue the experts’ favorites (Padres, Braves, Phillies and Rangers) my mind wanders back to Willie Mays, my childhood idol, running down an impossible catch in right center field in windy Candlestick Park, plucking the ball off the fence with his mitt ¾ of the way off his hand. 

I started listening to the Giants games on the radio with my mother as a youngster.  My oldest memory is of the heartbreaking end to the 1962 World Series loss to the Yankees.  I would listen to the Giants bat and then go outside and bounce an old tennis ball off the garage door, recreating each at bat.  Except, that last drive by McCovey…   My driveway would become the deep outfield of Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, the ivy walls of Wrigley in Chicago and our home field Candlestick.  My imaginary ball games would go for hours reliving duels between Bob Gibson and Willie McCovey, Sandy Koufax and Willie Mays, Jim Bunning and Jim Ray Hart. 

Each morning during the baseball season, I would pour the milk on my bowl of Raison Bran and go over the Sporting Green from the day before (my dad would bring it home from work for me) checking what Clemente, Robinson, Mantle, Killebrew and Banks did.  If anything significant happened, I would cut the headline and box score from the paper and pin it to one of my many corkboards.  Most of the space was filled with Marichal’s pitching gems, McCovey’s winning blasts and ‘Say Hey’s’ daily highlights.

As I grew older, my mom would take me and my friends to Candlestick to watch our heroes in action.  It was so exciting to see Aaron, Brock, Callison, and of course Willie Mays right there in front of us, but getting autographs after the game was almost bigger than the game itself.  Shaking hands with the players, having them sign baseball cards and balls, being amongst it all is what my dreams were made of.  Willie Mays’ autograph was as hard to get as his baseball card, and when I got them both it was like climbing Everest .   All of those Mays cards and autographs are still safely tucked away in a dresser drawer. 

Our Giant heroes go by the names of McCovey, Davenport, Marichal, the Alous, Bobby & Barry Bonds, David Kingman,  Tito, Maddox, Leonard, Dravecky, Will & Jack Clark, Roger Craig, Santiago, Williams, Lincecum, Cain, Baumgarner and Posey, but to those of us lucky enough to listen to Hodges, Simmons, Greenwald and now Miller and Kuiper, we knew our favorites by the colorful nicknames like the Say Hey kid, the Barber, the Baby Bull, the Count, Hac Man, the Thrill, Moon Man, Hum Baby and now the Freak.

My sons Jack and Cole and I played wiffle ball in our front yard and batted as Mays, threw like Rueschel and caught like Santiago, but we didn’t know what it would feel like for our Giants to win it all.  We have endured a long 56 years since our last championship, but we followed win or lose each spring. 

But this year was different.   We led the West, for 37 days anyway and then looked from behind until the last day, closing out the smug Padres.  When we won the World Series, I relished Lincecum and Zito coming over the dugout rail to celebrate the clinching victory.  The silhouette of Aubrey Huff holding his Giants cap up into the sky brought a happy tear to my eye.  I tipped my own hat to my now long-passed mother to celebrate our Giants as the World Champions, finally.

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  1. helen permalink
    November 10, 2010 6:37 pm

    A guest blogger–how cool! And the sentiments rang out in our house as well that night. Unlike you, Tim (and Scott), I am just a fair weather friend, but as a little girl, I went to Giants games at Candlestick with my grandpa after riding the train to SF with my brother to do it. 1989 (Battle of the Bay) was so weird with the earthquake and then that last try where they fell short. This time did seem magical and it was really fun.

  2. November 10, 2010 7:42 pm

    Thank heaven the Ranger fans did not bring back the rally monkey. It was quite an exciting run.
    comment written by Tim

  3. Cesar permalink
    November 12, 2010 2:42 am

    Love your recap of Giants past. It’s obvious you have a professional vision of what was and is with our beloved baseball team. Tons of nostalgia…thanks for bringing it back. Looking forward for more.

  4. Eva permalink
    November 12, 2010 8:28 pm

    Go dad go! I loved the blog, great that mom us finally sharing it with you !! 🙂 You have raised sports fans in all of us… there is nobody else I like to watch games with because you have an endless flow of knowledge and experience! It’s a can a corn for you. Love you and keep up the wonderful blogging! Maybe there is a future for Timothy Peter Morley, blogger/novelist?? Maybe nonfiction sports book???? Think about it. 🙂

  5. Carolyn permalink
    November 13, 2010 8:43 pm

    Tim, a beautiful knowledgeable article. Learned where you got your love of sports. You a good writer–I agree with Eva. Go for it!


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