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Young at Heart

October 20, 2010

I love travel because outcomes are as varied as the new people who you meet.  Spending time with my brother, Mark these past few days has been great.  We have watched the Giants and the Forty-Niners, talked more than we have in decades and even took a couple of hikes in the gorgeous fall forests that surround my mother’s incredible home in Biltmore Lakes, NC.  The turning of the leaves reminds me of New England, where I went to high school, calling me back to the days that were simple as I look back, but tumultuous when living them as a teen.

This feeling of being taken back contrasted sharply with my first author event of this trip.  Here I am treading in brand new waters, greeting people as Julie Anne Morley, the reinvented, author, novelist.  The group that I was speaking to is  called Young at Heart and they could only be described as Warm at Heart.  The event was held at a German Restaurant outside of Asheville, NC.  Young at Heart is a senior citizen’s group and

Julie Anne Morley and Mark Padilla, siblings

when they all filed in, their life experience was daunting in the sense that I was worried about what I could possibly bring to them.  I ate my lunch, or rather picked at it, in advance so that I could give my talk while everyone else was enjoying theirs.  I stood up with trepidation, my usual nerves taking their opportunity, and began my program. 

I could tell people were listening and by the end, I felt that I was amongst friends.  People asked questions, they bought books.  As I look ahead to my senior citizen years, I will make a note to be as open as these fine people, who came out just to hear me speak based on their affections for my mother and her husband Marvin.  We all parted that afternoon in high spirits, each being given energy by a group of people dedicated to the enrichments of their minds through ideas.

Young at Heart

Young at Heart

Young at Heart

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  1. Eva permalink
    October 21, 2010 3:23 am

    You are looking gorgeous! So proud of you. I think it is a refreshing point of view to be welcoming to the senior age, not that I am very experienced in that though! Your golden years are yet to come as Julie Anne Morley, novelist! ! Author extraordinaire. 🙂

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