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Running with the Pack

October 11, 2010

Eva Pain with Frankie, Zephyr and Moe

The secret to running is this:  Varied terrain.  I love running, but as with many people, certain parts of my body do not share the enthusiasm equally.  This is not really fair of these wimpy parts of me as they are clearly in the minority.  The fascia of my left leg should not determine what the rest of me can do, right.  Well, at night, when the stupid thing throbs and keeps me awake, I am close to conceding defeat. 

 But the fat lady has not sung on my running life, especially when my daughter wants to run with me.  I wouldn’t pass that up even if I have to drag myself along like Igor in Frankenstein.  In the interest of leg health and mental health we headed off to the woods for our run this morning.  We had a small pack of dogs with us, so finding a location to run in the crowded state of California can be a challenge.  We loaded all three excited dogs into my minivan, Zephyr the hound was going crazy with her howling.  By the time we got to the trail head, they were driving us nuts.   We burst onto the tundra 16 legs strong and bounded into the forest.  We ran along the ridge, the morning sun brilliant and warm, wound our way down into the ravine, thick with vegetation and finally climbed back upthrough redwoods, the trail steep and soft. 

Eva and me

My legs felt great, not a sliver of discomfort.  I attribute this (from a slew of personal trials and errors) to the varied terrain of the natural world.  When I pound away on the flat, I hurt, but when I move up and down, take hills, deal with bumps and roots, all the differently muscles have a chance to get in on the action.  This gives those overworked parts a nice rest.  Anyway, I highly recommend it.  Life is always better after a forest fix, especially in the company of such a fine daughter and three canine friends. 

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  1. Eva permalink
    October 11, 2010 4:52 am

    I love and enjoy our runs together and our newfound dog pack!! Let’s get them together for a play date soon 🙂

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