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Need Nature

September 24, 2010

Off to a new adventure, the Sonoma County Literary Festival.  We will set up our humble booth and spread the word about my novel, as well as see how others go about this business of being an author.  Since my usual state of being is either flying high with things to accomplish or sitting on the precipice of uncertain doom, my poor husband never knows which state he will find me in.  Smart man that he is, he did booked us at a spa in Calistoga for mud baths and mineral soaks, to be followed by massage on the day after.  Pretty cool.  Who cares if it costs the entire day’s profits, isn’t this what we work for?  The ability to do great things with people we love? 

We have our camper packed and this is always a good thing.   I can’t wait to get on the road a bit, go for a hike maybe, see someplace new.  Julie needs an adventure.  You know what is calling to me?  The trickle of an autumn stream, the leaves beginning to fall in the remaining waters, the warm days giving way to the increasing chill at night.  Sleeping in the camper bed with my darling, under the open vent knowing that my little traveling world is complete, almost…

You know what though, I really miss my horse.  I know his spirit is with me, but I wish that we were riding again at Pt Reyes on this trail, mesmerized by Tomales Bay emerging out of the fog.  I am ready to start thinking about my next equine partner.

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