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September 22, 2010

Not Howling-Wonderful!

Okay, so it is time to produce.  Distractions abound and there has been good reason to put new projects on hold.  So okay already, Cole Creek is released, time to stride out, get my brain back into the creative mode and practice what I preach.  It is not that I am stuck, au contraire my friend, ideas stream through my mind as frequently as my blue tick hound dog howls.  I have begun though.  In fact, two projects are in the works.  One of course is Pacheco Falls, my second novel and the other is a non-fiction project called Antonia’s Crossing, A Simple Guide to Creating a Young Woman’s Rite of Passage Ceremony.  Catchy title isn’t it.  This will be a collaborative work with my daughters Genavieve & Eva. 

Jack and Me - Post Bikram Yoga Class

I have been thinking quite a bit about the concept of re-invention.   I use the term freely, it is the main concept of Cole Creek and I find myself in constant flux lately.  Today was one of those days.  I met with a woman at Bookshop Santa Cruz and didn’t hear the answers that I wanted to my questions.  Despite the fact that I already knew what she was going to say, it is written in their policy on the website, I had still hoped for a special caveat for special me.  I left there a bit on the dejected side, relieved that I was heading directly to yoga where my son Jack would meet me for class.  A message on my cell revealed that he couldn’t make it.  I almost went straight home. 

Then I thought, wait a minute.  Do I stand up in front of a hundred community members and send a message that I can’t even hear myself?  Heck no.  I got my butt to Bikram yoga regardless of my funky feelings and during that class I re-invented myself and this is when I

Pacheco Falls, Henry Coe State Park

realized how the notion has so many layers and applications, and now I am all excited about it at this very second.  The re-invention can be tiny, it can be a sliver of some part of me that is best evolved into something else, it can even be an idea that I want that thing to be different. 

So what needed a tune up just then?  The answer is back at the beginning of this piece.  I need to produce some work to feed my soul and know that things will chug along for Cole Creek while I do that work.  I want to write, need to write and write I will.

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  1. tim permalink
    September 22, 2010 2:01 pm

    You inspire me. The journey can be so goodand I am happy about riding next to you.

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