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The Perfect Dress

September 5, 2010

Rocky's Gym

I am getting pretty darned excited about the release party for Cole Creek.  The situation has been good for my waistline, because I keep myself from floating off into space by working out like a maniac.  This morning after working what I am going to say at the event, I rode my bike to Rocky’s and did the 8am class.  Then it was straight to Bikram for the sweaty meditation that accompanies the actual physical practice.  I was spent and hungry, but I had to get home and my bike was the only option.  Just keep your legs pumping, that is how you get home on your bike when you feel like taking a seat on the curb for a rest or mugging some innocent pedestrian munching on a breakfast burrito as he walked along the San Lorenzo River bank.  The person was an easy target, I could have snagged that delicious smelling foil wrapped meal in a second, pedaled off down the road before the guy knew what hit him.   It was after noon by the time I got home and this big time breakfast eater had not yet had a meal.  I whipped up some eggs  laden with tangy onions, couple of lean pieces of bacon on the side, prefaced with juicy melon and gobbled  it all while sitting in the beach chair out in the yard. The sun had just broken down the dense fog.   Glorious.   

Tim got home right about the time I finished my last bite in a similar state of ravenous hunger, so good little wifey that I am, I whipped up a re-run of what I just wolfed down.  Next, we headed to People’s Coffee for a blast of reinforcing caffeine before riding our bikes down to the beach for a little sun and salt water.  The ocean was unbelievable.  A bit warmer than usual, no wind, smooth water.  Stellar.  A couple of dips and a sun soak or two later, we tooled home.  

The perfect culmination to this day is that I found my dress, the one I will wear to the release party. Shopping had not even entered into the plan for today, but somehow we wandered into Pacific Trading Company downtown and I almost walked out the minute I entered.  It was the price tag of the first item I looked at.  Shocking!  What was more shocking is that Tim encouraged me to keep looking.  We found this dress, I loved it right away, so he dragged me into the dressing room.  He came right in with me.  It wasn’t the first one I tried on, but it was the last.  We both knew the minute I slipped it over my head.  So, now I have the dress to wear to the party to celebrate the book that I wrote from my heart.  I hope they are both a hit.

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  1. Carolyn permalink
    September 6, 2010 3:59 pm

    You two are too much. So glad you found each other. the dress is beautiful. Today a group come by to address cards. Tim, come east. There is so much you will find to do here. Love, mom

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