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Earning the Buckaroo Badge

July 19, 2010

Given that I have often heard from my husband Tim how he is not interested in horses, it is an extra blast to be out riding with him.  One of my many dreams come true.  We always wanted to find this little lake that is nestled in a canyon beyond the trails up in the mountains from our house.  We attempted it last summer, but instead of trailering over to Grant Creek, we rode the extra 4 miles each way and it was taking too long.  This summer, Tim broke out the map, poured over it with his GPS, and we got smart and trailered the horses down the road and around the bend. 

We have been riding almost every day since Tim arrived and he is getting good.  We are talking full service, tacking, loading, trotting distances, dealing with all the things that happen up in the mountains.  The thing about the Big Lost River Valley that we live in, is that there are endless miles of high desert, sage brush in every size for as far as the eye can see.  But then there are also these lush green oasis that emerge out of just about every draw, quaking aspen, meadows of grass, creeks and springs, willows and at the higher elevations, the evergreens.  Each one of these places has its own identity.

We had an iffy start.  A black plastic garbage bag blew out of the trailer just when I was getting Fancy saddled.  She flipped out and the dog started howling and the saddle came crashing off.  The cap on one of the water bottles already attached to the saddle was loose, we lost almost half of our water.  Oh yeah, and we forgot the GPS.  We went on anyway.  It is easy to get darn high without noticing the climb around here.   The BLM roads go on and on, then you look back and see that the valley floor is way down there.   We rode several miles to the end of the trail where the map indicated that we should bear left.  We saw a trail that looked promising, although there are so many game trails, it can be tricky.  After navigating down a rocky ravine, we ended up in the forest and the trail vanished.  We chose a trail that led up, thinking we would get a better vantage point.  Instead, we just tuckered out our poor horses .  We doubled back a different way and then found that same trail again.  Round two, we went the other way and the lake appeared before us.  Like true Buckaroos, we cross-countried it back, running across bear poop, a myriad of other animal droppings, taking all game trails just for fun and finally, hours later returned to the trailer. 

Tim already has the map out planning our next ride.  How cool is that?

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  1. Eva permalink
    July 19, 2010 4:24 am

    What an adventure!! I’m glad two-tone is having fun with Lil Jackie Horner haha. I love you guys and miss you both!!

  2. Cesar permalink
    July 19, 2010 6:52 am

    It’s more than just cool…it’s phenomenal!!! Tim, I think you’ve found yourself a new four legged friend.
    Good photos as usual. Love, Dad

  3. Carolyn permalink
    July 22, 2010 3:11 am

    How Cool is that! Did you take a swim in the lake. good riding Tim Carolyn

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