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Writing the Rewrite

July 17, 2010

My publisher, Black Rose Writing,  is quite clever.  My task is to go over all my dialogue and check to make sure the quotations are properly formatted.  In doing so, I have had yet another chance to reread Cole Creek and you know what that means, rewrite.  This time it is like making sure your lipstick is perfect in the hall mirror before exiting to go out somewhere fancy or like the final adjustment on your child’s costume before their big performance.  I have changed things, made it all the better, deleted excess words, consolidated some chapters, filled out character’s thoughts.  

I thought when I began that I would be sick of Cole Creek, I have read & rewritten so many times, but this final time has been magical, almost intimate in a way.  I still can’t quite believe that in just over a month, my novel will be in print, my first book out in the world for the public to either love or not.  If it is not loved, it won’t be from failure to give it my absolute all, I have re-written morning, noon and night, opened up to the possibility that any sentence has the potential to be cut.  I am nearing the end.  

 Interestingly, I just recently spoke to another author about her book.   She is looking for a publisher and in the beginning stages of that next step after completing the first draft.  I asked her how the revision process was going and I could tell that she was reluctant to rewrite.  I remember a time like that, when the concept of changing that fruit of creative labor seemed almost abhorrent.  

My evolution as a writer has brought me to such a new place, one in 

Morning, Noon & Night

which I must instead keep myself from looking to rewrite Pacheco Falls (you can read the first pages on my website).  I eagerly look forward to this second novel’s completion so that I may again begin to sculpt real writing from the stream of raw fodder born out of the creative process.  But, again, that next novel must wait until this final tweaking of Cole Creek.

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  1. Eva permalink
    July 19, 2010 4:27 am

    Go momma! I am so excited to have in my hands a copy of Cole Creek! I am asked frequently for your book and of course I say do not forget to pre-order on the website! I’m so proud of you and I love you.

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