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Wild Horse Ride and Moose Sighting

July 12, 2010

Best view on earth-my daughter Genavieve

Me and Fancy

We went for the ride that we wanted to do yesterday.  An early start does not seem to be in our vocabulary, but when we saw the approaching clouds, we managed to leave on horseback at the crack of noon.  The day began with brilliant sun, you could wear your bikini out there at 8 am and get a tan.  It was the first day that the painting project was not begging to be finished, so of course we slept in and had leisure coffee.  All of our gear was still in place, so it was easy to tack up and get going. 

Making some time by trotting the flat, we arrived at the spring fed grove of Aspen in no time, the green grass carpeted our path and produced a healthy stream of mosquitos.  The next part of the ride was a gradual uphill through the narrows blanketed with sagebrush and miraculous

Top of the world

wildflowers.   Our horses did a steady climb until we arrived at the top of the world, where we could see both sides of the mountains from the Mackay Reservoir to the far reaches of the Big Lost River Valley.  The horses could use a rest after that big climb and the high country grasses were plentiful.  It gave both Genavieve and Ithe opportunity to scramble to the edge of the rocks to snap some photos. 

As we readied to mount and continue our ride, a gathering thunderstorm began its announcement.  We went cross-country to cut off some distance, our horses were willing partners to this end, trying to make time home as the sky darkened and rumbled.  We descended the steepest section, riding up to the beaver pond section, thick with willows and aspens.  Zephyr suddenly picked up her head and with hair standing up on the back of her neck, she flew into the thick stand of trees and brush.  Out came a young bull moose, dark chocolate-brown, healthy as can be.  At that same moment, the wind picked up in a furious gust and blew branches at us and we picked up our gait to a trot.  We had no idea where the moose was and hoped we weren’t in line to be charged.  The wind calmed some as quickly as it gusted.  We saw the moose travelling parallel to us and then it stopped behind some trees and watched our every move. 

The rain began in pelting drops, quickly turning to driving hail.  Thunder cracked and lightning struck toward our destination, although we were sure that it hadn’t neared the ground.  The weather pushed us from one side, soaking us head to toe and driving against our moving horses.  We kept up a steady trot, praying that we would get in before more lightning struck and as we neared the bottom near Bartlett Point, the rain stopped and left us with a mere chilly wind to blow through our wet gear.  We walked the horses nevertheless, wanting to arrive with them in good form regardless of our freezing limbs.  We untacked and put the horses up with a cursory brushing.  Later that evening, when the temperature was perfect and the rain was on the distant hill, we pulled the horses back out, gave them some grain, brushed  and massaged their well used bodies.  Our ride had a bit of everything which seems to be the way things are here in Idaho and as usual, the day ended with another perfect sunset.

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  1. Carolyn permalink
    July 13, 2010 1:26 pm

    Oh what a joy to read about your treck. It was like being on it. You two beautiful ones. C

  2. Amy Waynar permalink
    July 28, 2010 4:03 am

    Fancy-Pants and Jack-Jack = great and faithful servants..bless their hungry hearts

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