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A Day with Akau Hana

June 21, 2010

Tim Morley, Bob Darling, Nate MacBeth, Dave Waynar, Daniel Czech, Brent Culver

 I got to hang out with my husband’s outrigger canoe club on Saturday.  Three women’s teams and one men’s team raced in Avila Beach.  A blue bird sky smiled down on the event and despite the gusty wind, the day was beautiful in all ways.  Tim and I parked our camper at the far end of the Bob Jones Trail and rode our bikes the 3 miles or so down the lovely well used multi-use trail to the beach.   It was a festival type feeling, the beach bustling with sun-drenched athletes.  

Tami Hetke, Maria Peterson, Amy Treadwell, Amy Culver, Nise Louie, Nina Oakley

Other than enjoying watching Tim having a blast with his team, the main thing I noticed is how incredibly nice every single one of the Akau Hana team members are.  I don’t think I heard one negative word the entire day.  Could be the island style, or the negative ions that continually bathe their brains, but no explanation is needed.  The only wonder is why all organizations can’t be that way. 

Coaches Dave Waynar and Amy Culver talking strategy.

           These people truly care for each other and it is evident in the way they go about their business.  I don’t know too many of the paddlers other than Tim’s men’s team, but they all welcomed me with warmth into their collective good vibe.  Perhaps it is the combination of them having to work like hell out in choppy seas in a synchronized group effort and the sheer beauty of the environment in which their sport takes place.   My husband loves a team sport.  It is part of his being.  My favorite part of the entire day was when the men’s team finished and I got to witness the camaraderie between those men that battled the wind and sea, each individual offering up every shred of their strength to the other five in the boat.  Their faces were beautiful, their bodies carrying the satisfaction that they left it all out there.   Fellow Akau Hana paddlers swarmed around them to help bring the boat 

Competing teams helping each other out

 ashore as the men had done for them hours earlier.  It was a great day for me, the observer.  I can only imagine how great it was for the participants. 

Before the men's race

Pre-race strategy

Starting the race



Seat 1-Bob, Seat 2-Nate, Seat 3-Dan, Seat 4-Brent, Seat 5-Tim, Seat 6-Dave


2 Comments leave one →
  1. Bob Darling permalink
    June 22, 2010 4:25 pm

    Hello Julie,

    I am so glad you gave me your card last night and encouraged me to check out your Blog. It is amazing! I really enjoy your writing style and look forward to reading Cole Creek. The Akau Hana story definitely captures the essence of that special day our racing crew experienced. I had to resist reading the balance of your posts, as I needed to get back to work. But I will be checking your Blog regularly.

    Thank you and safe travels up to Idaho. Stroker Bob

  2. June 22, 2010 4:57 pm


    What a treat to read your descriptive blog & visit your inspiring website! The Avila Outrigger race was certainly fun, with good vibes emanating from all!

    You really captured the essence of the day.

    aloh, Pam AHOCC

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