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A Writer’s Moment

June 17, 2010

Pacheco Falls


The icon on my desktop that says Pacheco Falls has been left alone too much lately.  I anticipated a surging desire to dive into my novel in progress after visiting the place for which the book is named.   I even  talked out the story line with my two riding compatriots, who not only listened with total attention to the whole idea, but enthusiastically commented about what they liked and didn’t.  Yes, I have been super busy.  High school graduation, getting ready to pack up and leave for Idaho for 5 weeks, a second horse camping trip, these things have needed my attention (not to mention this blog). 

Yesterday I treated myself to an hour at the Capitola Book Cafe.  I strode in, laptop under my arm, in a state of over the top happiness about taking the time to do a thing I love so much.  Sitting  with my fingers on these very keys, a perfect cup of coffee just out of knocking distance from my right elbow and some time to delve into a character without the distractions of my screaming neglected house, ahhh heaven.  

I wasn’t expecting much.  My intention was rather to begin getting into the story again so that I will be ready when I get to Idaho, where I will write with wild abandon.  The story will roll off my mind in unfettered glory.  Well, there is no harm in having a goal, is there?  I clicked on the icon and the book came up.  I scrolled right to the end to read the final paragraph.  I had forgotten exactly where I had ended my last session.  It is a moment in time so tender and central to Samantha’s character that I felt kind of frozen.  I know the feeling that I want the reader to discover about her right then, but how would I express it?  Which set of words would bring the reader into the moment of change that was happening within her?  

I wrote a single paragraph, some parts several times.  I do believe that I did it.  When I closed my laptop, the bookshop looked a bit different to me.  I think I am getting better.  I feel bold enough to say so and I hope it is even true.  I met some people and we exchanged cards.  They looked at mine and commented,  “Oh, you are a writer.”  I said, “Yes, I am,” and I felt it all the way to my fingertips.

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  1. David Rothman permalink
    June 18, 2010 4:57 am

    I like it. I need to get serious about this writing thing myself. I’ve done enough reporting and observing for others and now I need to get my ass in gear and do it for myself. So thanks for sharing that my old friend, it was a good quick read on following the footsteps in your head. Stick with it J.

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