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Be What your Heart Desires

June 1, 2010

Me, Karol and my brother Mark

I have reconnected with some people who I knew 30 years ago through Facebook.  Jeff Seldon, an old friend of my brother, has posted a bunch of pictures and it has taken me down memory lane.  I was a major hippy.  It is fun to look back on that time, especially because my kids are now that age.  We were so independent in some ways, the parents were more behind the scenes than we seem to be now.  Perhaps because the world was smaller, less people, less trouble.  We used to do all kinds of crazy things that I can’t imagine doing now, like parties in the mountains and camping on the beach just anywhere. 

My eldest daughter Genavieve and her boyfriend Cheynne are looking for a house.  They have been planning this move for a long time and it is a wonder to me how sensible my daughter’s approach is.  I think I was seriously impulsive at her age, so it is interesting to watch her process.  The word entitled  if often heard when referring to Genavieve’s generation, but there is a solid group of new young citizens who work hard, try to make good decisions and don’t expect that life will hand them a fully furnished house and fancy car.  This generation needs to make difficult choices from an early age.  Each child must decide where they stand on the topic of drugs and alcohol consumption, junk food versus healthy food, college or work, exercise or sedentary, computer junkie or outdoor person, antidepressants or not?  It seems silly to make a list, can’t there be lifestyles that incorporate bits of each of these things into a marbled whole?  The thing is that we seem to live in a label happy society.  Every aspect of what we do needs to have a name and each feeling becomes a condition that may need some sort of treatment.  I say that we toss all that stuff out, that we encourage young people to get out there and try whatever they are passionate about and make their own mistakes and celebrate their triumphs.  Life is darn long now, there is time to wear many different hats.  As I read once in a book called something like Rasing Self Reliant Children in a Self Indulgent World, – give your child the gift of independence.  

Primo wants to try out being a cat.

When I look back at the photos that Jeff has posted, I realize how much I have changed since those days, but at the same time there is a core there that remains absolutely the same.  We were all wilderness lovers, spending as much time as possible anywhere in the woods.  We were backpackers and beach lovers.  I want so much for my kids to spend time in the backcountry like I did, but what I want is not what is important.  (They all do love the wilderness though!) I’ve been watching 23-year-old Genavieve navigate this part of her life, figuring things out, trying out ways of being, keeping what fits and discarding what doesn’t.  I wish for her to travel along her path with a full heart, that her mistakes don’t cut too deeply, that her goals bring her what she hopes they will and that her journey be one that harmonizes with the earth we live on.  So much must change in our world and her generation will make their mark as we have before them, but doesn’t it seem that the stakes are higher now? 

With this in mind, there seems only one thing to do.  Live fully from the heart, seize the chances that show themselves and life will unfold as it should.

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  1. Genavieve permalink
    June 3, 2010 6:32 pm

    I love to see the pictures of you when you were my age! Thank you for being such a supportive mom, it gives me the confidence to make it out there!

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