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The Circle of Energy

April 27, 2010

Khalil and Kona / Photo by McKinley

It has started to happen.  Energy feeding off itself and others.  When Paul Knisely told his friend Khalil Moutawakkil about our upcoming meeting to discuss his personal evolution through outdoor experience, Kahlil had the burning desire to get out into the backcountry himself.  After covering all of his obligations here in Santa Cruz, he took off with his dog Kona on a solo trip down to Big Sur.  I was so stoked to hear about it, that his energy then flowed back into me just in time to step into the yoga room yesterday morning. 

As luck would have it, Lovely Leah was the teacher and my description of her name says it all.  Taking a Bikram yoga class from Leah is like stepping through a looking-glass and finding a bastion of love and peace, and then returning to the regular world feeling nourished – as she would say in her velvet voice, “bones to skin.”   To top it off, Paul described his adventure from the previous day as we sat on the floor after yoga.  He found himself stuck over in the city when he wished he was somewhere wild.  He found Stevens Creek Park, still feeling the high from our walk about the day before and hiked about 5 miles.  He was stoked about it, and there you have it, so was I.

Tim at Ride-a-Wave

After class, I hoped on my bike to ride out to the barn.  I brought the energy from Kahlil, Paul and Leah with me and that energy grabbed some more as I pedaled past Cowell Beach, where I knew that my husband, Tim, was volunteering with the Ride-a-Wave group at that very moment.  I arrived at the barn starving and so I spread a horse blanket on the ground near where Utah was munching hay.  I lay down in the warm sun to eat my food.  Just feet from me, a red finch landed on the top of my trailer and sang me a beautiful song. 

The rest of the afternoon, I rode Utah to the far reaches of Wilder.  We went on trails new to us, trails overgrown and seldom used, hawks soaring low, bunnies hopping, snakes crossing the trail, beating sun and cooling wind.  I pedaled back home, my legs spent from my massive ride, the cool air asking me to stop and put on another layer.  I knew that this physical energy I just exerted would return to me in kind and that thought fueled me home across town to my waiting husband and his delicious dinner.

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  1. Joyce Salisbury permalink
    May 2, 2010 3:56 am

    I really enjoyed your article. It spawned healthy energy and emotion….is Khalil Moutawakkil the son of the late Pat Moutawakkil?
    BTW – I’m stoked that you are including “Sweet Taboo ” (registered name) in your writing. I look forward to enjoying the piece, which I hope you’ll share!
    Good to see you at the barn today – good for you riding your bike. I keep “meaning” to, but am not getting my intentions lined up with action – yet!

  2. May 3, 2010 4:29 am

    I will ask Kahlil next time I see him. Taboo plays a small part in my novel in progress called Pacheco Pass. It takes place near Henry Coe State Park. Perhaps I will post that section so you can read it.
    Biking to the barn is not much fun on the way out, that head wind is not so nice) but it is great on the way home. Legs all warmed up from my ride, not ready to be in the world of cars yet, just right….

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