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Personal Evolution Through Story

April 24, 2010

Randy's Horses at Wilder

I spent two incredible hours yesterday with a man who shared his personal evolution through outdoor experience.  It will be the first featured personal evolution on my blog and website.  The experience changed me in ways that can only be described as an evolution for me as well.  This cyclic energy cycle, the way an open exchange will burst the boundaries of my mind’s perceived limits, is a benefit that I didn’t see coming.    We met at the ranch.  I was just getting ready to put Utah back in his paddock after an early ride in Wilder State Park when Paul Knisely arrived.  The morning in the backcountry had already bestowed its glorious gifts and my heart and mind were open.  

Randy Clayton behind the wheel

Earlier, on the way back from my ride, I saw Randy Clayton plowing a field with two of his draft horses.  I didn’t want to disturb his work by riding over to watch, so I stayed off at a distance.  The work of the two horses was mesmerizing.  The team strained against the weight of the earth, pulling the plow with great muscles, the soil churning to a rich black.  The sight heartened me in an inexplicable way, like a tiding that all good things are possible.  

The walk back out to Wilder with Paul, sitting at the battered picnic table near the fenced pasture where Randy’s horses live, soaking in the sun while eating a small lunch of nuts and apple, hearing Paul’s life affirming story, heading back to the ranch via the Cowboy Trail, have all contributed to my understanding about the message I have in me that demands to be written and thrown out there in the world.   

Paul telling his story

I feel honored to be the recipient of Paul’s story, to have the opportunity to write about it and share it with my readers.  As recently as 6 months ago, I may not have allowed myself the personal time I spent with Paul.  After all, I am so busy and I want to evolve, and that takes time!  Through listening to his story, I actually felt myself changing.  The forces that acted on and through Paul are still very present.  He is a physical embodiment of his personal evolution, so much so,  that the gift that he was given on that day through the natural world, is now given through him to the rest of us.  

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