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To Blog or Not to Blog

April 14, 2010

My desk

Writing this blog has changed my life.  That might seem like a no brainer, since it is obvious that I have to think of things to write about all the time instead of just coming home and eating bon bons, like I used to.   The fact that this blank page nags me incessantly is certainly true and many family members may think I deserve such a fate because I can be exhausting to those around me, but this is not the biggest change for me so far. 

I was up in Wilder this afternoon riding Utah and I ran into a man who was walking his very tall Arabian, which is a contradiction in terms.  That horse was 16 hands, no lie.  I needed to pass and I couldn’t tell what his young horse was thinking, so in communicating about this, we struck up the usual polite conversation.  After about a minute of interaction, he told me that I looked familiar.  People tell me this all the time and I don’t think it’s because I look like a movie star, I just have one of those faces.  I told him this fact.  He still asked my name and when it didn’t register, he asked me for my maiden name.  He was right.  Our parents and grandparents knew each other, his uncle taught at Blackford High School in San Jose and so did my father.  He told me his name, David De La Rosa, and hazy memories of us kids playing in random backyards and streets until after dark at our parent’s adult parties came rushing back. 

My brother, the Academic

So how does this relate to the change in my life due to this blog?  Because when I left him, literally trotted off into the sunset,  my mind started churning up ideas about how I might write about this meeting, but that still isn’t the point.  That led me to think about how I have one of my feet each planted  in a opposing worlds.  I spend a lot of time out in the middle of nowhere by myself, I choose that, I feel more connected to everything that way, not only when I get back, but when I am actually out there – my loved ones, my writing, my body, the earth.  Now I also spend a lot of time alone at my computer and I feel connected in that way too, like to my brother Mark Padilla who I am starting to get to know again after he moved back east for graduate school a hundred years ago and never came back,  and to new people I don’t know yet, but want to, and a connection to inside of me, to my thoughts and ideas.  When I sit down to write a piece, I root around all over inside of my mind and I imagine that my field of thoughts probably look like some place where a wild pig has had his way.  Have you ever seen that kind of ground?  It is all torn up and uncovered in long rows.  I love the way this writing asks me to sniff around inside.

Alicia & Me, Partners in Crime, Photo by Elisabet

What an amazing time we live in, to have the ability to express ourselves and find gratification in so many different kinds of ways.  Today, not only did I meet a person who I probably played with when I was little, but he has a ranch on the other side of Wilder where my friend Alicia Stanton and I have always wanted to explore.  Now we have an invitation and we won’t have to trespass, like last week when we got chased down by a car and scolded.  We were lost, really, its true (it was Alicia’s idea as usual, but like Elisabet says, she always gets us back). 

Life is so awesome.

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  1. Cesar Padilla permalink
    April 15, 2010 3:20 am

    Your adventures have led you to the past. David DeLaRosa. Now I have to figure out who his parents were. Truely a small world. Riding your Rocinante(actually Don Quixote’s mythical steed was a mere hack)has led you to yet to unimaginable exploits. I will now call you Dona Juliana del Roble Viviente(de la Mancha has already been assigned) because you are from Live Oak. We have to think of a mythical name for Utah. Cervantes might have chosen El Cid. March on.

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