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Trotting in Front of the Rain

April 6, 2010


I planned a speed workout for my horse Utah today, this rain threatened Easter Sunday.  My first horse camping trips are coming up next month, so the training needs to step up.  My friends have Arabians and they go long and fast.  My horse is a Paint and even though he has running quarter in his lines, and kind of looks like a big boned thoroughbred wearing a fancy paint costume, he still needs to be in top condition to keep up with his light and swift friends.

Dee Kenville on Easter Morning

Utah and I have been doing this same five mile loop for about 2 weeks and today was the day to trot out the whole thing.  I arrived at the barn in the morning to beat the incoming rain.  Dee Kenville was already there riding in the arena doing the same thing, her thick coat zipped against the chill.  We walked out toward the ranch gate together before she turned back to exercise her other horse. The dark moisture laden clouds hovered over the hills behind us and the slate ocean was iced with white capped accents. 

As we headed out, Utah could tell right away that I meant business and he picked up a trot easily and passed by his favorite munching spots without a fuss.  After the last gate was latched behind us, Utah was fully warmed up and ready to go.  The wind whipped the trees around us and we passed by a group of dear right off the trail that were hunkering in a sheltered spot.  They didn’t bother to move and their heads followed us as we streamed by. 

After the ride, where's my grain.

Utah got into that big trot which took him years to develop, he is 13 years old now and in his prime.   I sit there like the Queen of the Nile as his body moves under me with such grace, his legs reaching and contracting with such efficiency, that I don’t even move an inch up or down.  The rain was stalking us with each beat and we booked it up one side of Engelman’s Loop, around the Boar Trail and then back toward the sea.  As we descended the last hill and came to the flat, the rain began to pelt in cold hard drops and I let Utah put his head down and go. 

Dee's horses wanted to know where we went.

 It was one of those cosmic situations when everything seems to contribute an aspect to create a pinnacle moment.  In this case, among many other subtle factors, it was Utah’s willingness, the impending storm, and my decision to open that front door and step outside to see what I could experience in the bosom of this great earth.

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  1. April 6, 2010 5:02 am

    Love it!!!! Great story!

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