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Village Yoga, 5 Reasons to Get Sweaty with a Group

April 4, 2010

Sally, one of the owners of Village Yoga

I haven’t been practicing my Bikram Yoga as much as usual in this new year 2010.  I have been busy getting my novel Cole Creek in final form and sending it off to the publisher.  It is done now and I kind of feel like I have had another child grow up and move out.  Cole Creek will be out at the end of the summer, August 12th is the official due date for release, but the party won’t be for another few weeks after that.  Everyone must come!  

Paul & Courtney

But, that is not what this blog is about.  The subject here is the importance of getting my body and mind back into the yoga room more regularly and I have lately.  The other day, I was in the pose that was invented to make my life miserable, it is affectionately known as: Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose, or in my case, struggling to relax my shoulders and crunch my chin down to wrench it a millimeter closer toward my knee while keeping my hips in an abnormal position, p.s. Don’t forget to breathe normally.  Right.   

Anyway, enough about my love for that pose.  The point is, that I was in that pose and I was holding my chest tight like I was holding on to the last breath of air that would ever be coming my way and I simply had to refuse to give it up those final molecules of  

A fabulous Four, Paul, Courtney, Amy & Sally

oxygen.  I realized at that moment that my chest felt exactly like it does when I am all stressed out about something.  The proverbial light bulb went on and I understood that my real need for this yoga practice was gripping me, literally.  If I could figure out how to relax my chest in that moment, then I could utilize that same skill when I was having a conniption fit out in the real world.  The simple act of noticing it helped me to release and the next thing I knew, the pose was over.  Just kidding, the next thing I knew, I actually was able to relax my iron chest.  

So, here are 5 reasons to get yourself to a Bikram Yoga class  at Village Yoga downtown Santa Cruz as soon as possible:  

This could be you!

1.  You get to be around great people and get sweaty with them.  

2.  All the clothing you need for class can fit into a small ziplock sandwich bag.  

3.  There is kombucha on tap.  

4.  Your life will be way more wonderful than before.  

5.  You will start to look like Paul.  

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  1. Khalil permalink
    April 22, 2010 3:05 pm


    Nice work! It seems you figured out one of the secrets to the practice; the poses that suck the most, are indeed, the exact one’s you need most! Only once that is realized, may the real work begin and it IS inexorable! I love it so much. We are grateful that you are there to shed your ray of light with all of us,

    See you in Dandayamana Bipakthapada Janushirasana,


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