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Farewell Ann Stout and Thank you

April 2, 2010

Over 200 years of service right here

Yesterday I went into Dominican Hospital Lab, where I have worked for 18 years, on a day off.  The occasion was a retirement lunch for Ann Stout, a terrific woman who has been working there for 40 years.  But, that is not all this energetic, funny, intelligent woman does.  Together with her husband Deming Stout, she has built a small real estate empire here in town, raised two children and is now a grandma.  She plays tennis, is always interested in new ideas and best of all for me, she has always been encouraging in whatever endeavor I was currently undertaking.   

A Georgia Darbyshire Cake

The employees of Dominican Laboratory are like this big extended family who all get to go to separate houses at night.  My term of employment to date is like a drop in the bucket compared to most of us.  People who start working at the lab, with Steve McCarthy and Jan Slay at the helm, just don’t seem to leave.   Yesterday, Ann mentioned that she was helped again by my daughter Eva at the Petite Provence, a lovely shop next to Gayles Bakery, in Capitola.  Ann laughed about how Eva got her to buy the napkins to go with her tablecloth.  That led the us to talk about the amazing young woman Eva has become and many women present remembered how I would sit at that very table, during Eva’s teenage years, and cry my eyes out because of her latest antic.  I was so  

Eva Pain

worried, but this incredible group of women, some who had already been through my trials and tribulations, some who watched me wide-eyed with fear (the people with younger kids on their way to this fun period) shepherded me through and are still there to see the outcome.   

Like Ann Stout, I will be leaving Dominican Lab next year.  I got the job as a broke single mother when Jack was nine months old.  I needed benefits for my three children.  Since then , after marrying Tim, having the privilege to step-parent Cole, I just never left.  I always knew that I wanted to be a writer and watching a woman like Ann work at the lab, and continue with  

The Bad Ann & The Good Ann

other business interests was one of my inspirations.  Ann embodies the- work hard to get somewhere- kind of attitude and you know what, that mantra really works.   

We will all miss this incredible woman around the lab.  She has entertained us with her biting wit and her easy laughter.  Her nickname is the Bad Ann and I do believe she not only fits the name because she calls things like they are, but that she really and truly is that bad and boy howdy, does she love it! 

Part of the gang.

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  1. Ann Stout permalink
    April 4, 2010 1:38 am

    Julie, thank you for a lovely tribute. I really appreciate all the good thoughts. I’m sure your book will be well received even beyond your dreams. I’m thrilled that your book is being published and I’m sure you’re already writing another. I’ll talk to you soon. Love Ann

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