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Living in an Epic Story

March 27, 2010

Marvin Anderson at Work

Mt horse’s chiropractor, Marvin Anderson, came out yesterday and worked on Utah and Abby, Whitney Baker’s mare.  Utah loves Marvin and got in a hoof pawing tizzy because he treated Abby first.  It was Abby’s first time and her back and pelvis needed some help.  Whitney, a country girl from Alturas in the north-east corner of California, said she never in a million years would have thought to call a chiropractor for her horse.  When Abby took her first deep breath after her rib was put back in place, she put her head down, did a soft snort and relaxed.  Marvin said that unlike his former human patients, horses let it all go right away.  Us humans are the ones that hold on tightly to things that perpetuate our stress. 

Skip forward to today.  I took the 6pm Bikram class at Village Yoga. I was letting my overactive brain have a rest, but it wandered without permission to the ride I am going on with my friend Alicia tomorrow.  Just then Kim Pini, the teacher, said “Yoga is Unity, the word Yoga means unity.”   She was talking about all of us working in unison but it was impossible to not relate that sentence to my current thoughts about riding and how my yoga practice has a way of making me feel like Utah and I are one being.  Practicing being in my body with balance, grace, strength and peace of mind has changed the way I ride, and Utah digs it big time.

Whitney and Abby

I have the theory that the horse-human combo is one of the strongest partnerships of all times.  It is the marriage between predator and prey, exceptional peripheral vision with a hunters forward eye, the strength and speed of a powerhouse runner combined with the steadiness of human rational thought expressed from our large brains, through our bodies, into our hands, seat and legs. Prior to the development of the repeating gun, Knights, or mounted warriors were invincible. 

It is no wonder that our horses will give and give until they drop, and we need to call Marvin.  It is also no wonder that we will make exceptions for the misdeeds of our horses because we know that they have made exceptions for us on so many occasions.  To have a horse-human partnership built over time is an experience that feeds our souls in a primary way.  In the book Epic, John Eldrige states that there is one epic story at the core of all great stories.  It is the story that calls to our hearts and asks us to go into the wild, find adventure and be heros and heroines. 

Me and Utah

How wonderful that we live in such a rich and varied world, where the epic story can be lived through many different types of expressions.  I feel it in the ocean, in the mountains, even riding my bike through town.  There is something special about putting ourselves in situations that ask us to give a little more than we thought we could.  Since my husband retired from being Harbormaster in January, he has taken several trips up into the Sierra with just Zephyr, our dog.  He stays in our Lance camper in the middle of snowy blizzards and hikes all over the mountains on his snow shoes, with his snowboard on his back.  He has never seemed happier.  I get it, it feeds his soul, just like when I ride out somewhere remote and crazy, hours out into the backcountry of Idaho all alone, and hope my horse will bring me home.

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  1. March 27, 2010 6:53 am

    When body and soul unite, connect, the result is harmony. To create harmony in our world, to change our world, we have to start by creating and living harmony each day within ourselves and each other. We once lived in a world of great harmony and balance between humans, animals, vegetation, and the Mother Earth; taking when needed, giving and replenishing. Respect our Earth and striving to teach younger generations to follow suit. But it is the nature of humans to evolve, grow, create, expand. I do not believe you could stop the evolution of humans as you could control the tides. We once lived out under the stars, taking shelter in cave dwelings. Then through some spark of creativity we came to slowly build shelters to protect us from the elements. Clothing, fire, Roman aquaducts… art, even when we were living in caves we though to crush up berries and use that to depict the great hunts and life! Now, perhaps, we can use our spark to seek living in harmony with each other and our planet. Nothing will change overnight it will take hardwork and sacrifice. Great change comes from great understanding, knowledge of your own self, and to not be afraid of asking for help.

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