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Live in Many Dimensions

March 24, 2010

I had lunch with my Dad today, like I do most weeks.  He is 84 now and still lives in Boulder Creek on his own.  Dad has been a bachelor for over 45 years, never even coming close to getting remarried.  One thing he has always been into is music.  I remember the old reel to reel tape recorder and his massive collection of records.    He mentioned that he is listening to his old records again.  He said the sound is fantastic, richer, the instruments have more personality and you can hear their individuality.  We got to thinking about how digital music differs and is kind of flat in comparison.  It is like that with digital photography too, the depth doesn’t really get captured.  For example, our dog looks superimposed on this mountain, but I took the picture and it is all real.

I have spent a lot of time sitting on my butt in the last three days.  I found this great website builder on the internet called WebStarts.  For three days, after spending a bunch of time at work sitting at a computer, I came home and worked on my own computer.  I was frozen into the seated position and my eyeballs cried for drops.  My site looks great, I am pretty darn proud of myself, check it out:  There is a link right back to this blog.  I am so clever. 

So today, I not only wanted to ride my horse, but I needed to.  He got his shots on Saturday and didn’t feel great the next day, so I was stoked that he was over it and ready to go out.  We headed out to Wilder toward the Old Cabin Trail.  I got to thinking about what my son, Jack, said to me last week, that most Americans spend 95% of their day indoors now.   When I put the two thoughts together, living inside and hanging out in a two-dimensional world through our media, it is no wonder why the pharmaceutical companies are making a killing on antidepressants.  Utah is getting in shape for the riding season and we cantered along the trail, bending around the trees and streaming through our multi-dimensional world like Jedi warriors.  It was awesome.

There is a ton of lush green grass right now, so Utah wanted to stop and eat a lot.  I couldn’t blame him, the grass doesn’t last that long.  His munching time gave me the opportunity to sit and look around.  There are so many shades of green out there right now, and they are layered from tree leaf to mossy trunk, to the green on rocks underneath the water in the streams.  The depth of color, the breath of the living environment, it is all pulsing right now these first days of spring.      

Get out there.

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  1. March 25, 2010 1:23 am

    Congrats on the publishing!! I am so very excited and proud of you. I knew you can do whatever you set your mind out to accomplish! You are forever my inspiration.

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