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What are your Personal Evolutions Through Outdoor Experience?

March 20, 2010

Hello Readers

My favorite family photo

I would love to hear about your Personal Evolutions Through Outdoor Experience.  Share your story with photos and I will post it on my blog.  I can write it for you, or you can write it yourself.  Please include photos!!   I will post someone’s evolution every two weeks.  It can be any kind of experience in which you have evolved in some way by being outdoors and not necessarily a momentous feat of athletic ability, although those are great too.  An example would be my first blog entry titled Idaho Backcountry.  I will share another type in this blog, a very personal example of a different kind of evolution. 

My husband Tim and I are coming up to our 15th wedding anniversary.  If you do the math, you already know that we had our children before we got together.  We are the blended family extraordinaire and believe me it wasn’t easy.  It makes the 15 year mark all the more incredible.  Jack and Cole were 2 years old when we got together and Genavieve and Eva were 6 and 4.      

 These pictures show the magic, the wonderful family times that we worked so hard to create.  According to our kids, we did well.   But there was the other side too, the grown-up part, where Tim and I struggled to stay sane in a crazy situation. 

Honeymoon-Whistler, BC

For a long time, we had hostile ex-spouses on both sides, different house splitting schedules for each set, money troubles, new marriage woes, you name it.  Tim and I had a lot to talk about and the effort it took to keep everyone up and running was exhausting.  There was tension, there was frustration, there was fear and sadness, as well as hope and faith and sheer luck.  Tim went from being a father of one 2-year-old, to having a house full of 4 children.  My kids jumped from living with a harried single mom to having a Dad around who likes to run a tight ship.  

Sugarbowl-I made those hats!

Sometimes we needed to shout, get emotion out, just figure out how to get to the next hour.  We had a fantastic family counselor, Chayim Barton, who helped us quite a bit, but what about all the other days in between?   We started to have our discussions during long bike rides.  It worked perfectly for a couple of reasons.  When one of us got hot and reached the boil over point, we could shout out our bad juju and the other person could simply slow down their pedaling and make a nice distance from the anger.  We would ride all over the place and those trees at Wilder and Nisene don’t hold it against us.  The frustrated person could break out in a burst of speed and send all that angry energy into the positive force of using muscles.  Who ever burst ahead would get it out of their system and then slow down and be rational by the time the other person tooled along.  Finally, no matter what went down on these rides, by the time we got home and stepped in that door, we were over it and –  we got a work out in while we were at it.  

Email me your story: or leave a comment on my blog. 


Eva, Jack, Cole, Genavieve

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  1. tim permalink
    March 21, 2010 5:54 pm

    the four best children a dad could hope for came out of all those evolutions.

  2. March 22, 2010 5:33 am

    I could not imagine or want our lives to be any other way!! I am so happy for all the struggles we had, the ones we still do… because we have all become stronger because of them. I feel blessed everyday for our family, the more the merrier!

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