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Take That Rocky Road

February 28, 2010


I have always been strong.  A mother of four kids has to be, but I am not just talking about personal strength.  I am talking about brute strength, the I can move heavy furniture, carry a bale of hay, change the bottle for  the office water cooler, kind.  In fact, I have always been the strongest woman in my family, until now.  

The first inkling that a daughter of mine was destined to leave me standing still, was shortly after I took her on her first 10 mile run.  We went up to Wilder, laughing about our private joke.  Okay, I’ll tell.  It goes like this.  It’s a one liner.  ‘You aren’t going to want to talk to me, are you?”  See, we love to run together, but we want to listen to our IPODS.  So there we were huffing up the big hills, each in our own little musical world.  She taps me on the shoulder, so I can take an ear bud out, and asks if we are half way.  We weren’t, not even close.  So she makes it, but kind of barely and I seriously dust her in the last few miles.  A  couple of months later, we relive this wonderful experience, but the story ends differently.  This time, when Eva taps my shoulder, her question is:  “Do you mind if I run ahead, I want to sprint for a while.”   Until that moment I thought I was still youngish, but as I watched her disappear around the far corner, her pony tail bobbing, sparks coming off her shoes, I realized that the time had come for the changing of the guard.  


 So skip forward to January 18, 2010.  It is Eva’s 21st birthday and she invites me to go work out with her at Rocky’s Gym.  Let me just say that my performance was somewhat lacking.  I watched my daughter go through her workout like a younger version of me and I stepped off my throne.   

But, not so fast.  After I recovered the use of my muscles, and we don’t need to mention the lemon drops that we drank that night to celebrate her 21st, or the margaritas, I found a spark to see what I could accomplish.  I returned to Rocky’s Gym all by myself.  It is not like me to feel nervous, like the novice who can’t manage a pull-up, but I did.  I managed that work out, it was a Thursday.  By Saturday I already wanted more.  So this morning, with not nearly enough coffee in my bloodstream, I got myself to the 8 AM class.  I can’t remember the last time I worked that hard.  After the part of the class, where Rocky has you doing these horrible exercises that surely are meant for people who are named Hercules, and you have to do them for 30 straight seconds, and more than one time, I found myself outside with a pounding heart, gasping for breath.    I highly recommend it.   

So, the circle completes.  I have always nagged at my kids to exercise.  Now my daughter, lean, buffed and strong, has brought me to a doorstep that I am so glad I walked through.

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  1. March 1, 2010 7:42 am

    You and Tim taught me that taking the “rocky road” can be challenging, but all more worth while and rewarding in the end! In fact, it has inspired me to usually take the more difficult route! There is something to be said for looking up a mountain, seeing the sheer enormity, and jumping at the chance to accomplish and defeat it. It is almost like woman vs. nature, can I take this mountain on? Can I jump in the freezing ocean for a swim instead of simply icing my knees on the couch? Maybe, in the beginning, the answer will turn out no. You faulter halfway up the mountain, legs giving way to exhaustion. You wade up to the ankles, letting the white water swirl around you and the ocean take it back. Then, next time though, you attack the mountain as if it had a personal grudge with you! You work it and let it work you, run and dive into the ocean come up gasping for air, the very cold taking your breath away. That is what makes you feel alive and worth the struggles of everyday drudgery. Being out in where we were meant to be, our souls slowly stir and become awaken to the magic that is our world. You inspire me to be the strong woman you are.

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